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Sponsors & CROs


Industry Pioneer,
Business Partner

Vision and stability drive the expansion of Alliance Clinical Network, instilling confidence in the respected CROs and Sponsors who work with us. That growth is also spurred by our focus on diversity – in the patients we recruit, the therapeutic studies we administer and the multi-disciplined staff we maintain.

Our experienced health professionals, advanced technology and diligent management team assure you of the following strengths:

  • Database of over 250,000 patients – 85% minority population
  • Meet or exceed enrollment goals every time
  • Continuous 24/7 business model for optimum control
  • Actively engaged in every phase of management
  • Multi-specialty physicians and health professionals
  • Relationships with nation’s leading CROs and Sponsors
  • Numerous successful clinical trials across three states
  • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)
  • Massive patient database, with continual updates
  • e-Consent electronic consent verification
  • Centralized ongoing regulatory oversight, to ensure full compliance and timely resolution to study queries

Connecting and Communicating

Sites within the Alliance Clinical Network adhere to exacting protocols, to ensure consistent recruitment, scheduling and patient interaction. We apply eClinical technology to optimize scheduling, patient reminders, medications and more. See how we stay continually connected.

Far-Reaching Technology
& Services

Alliance Clinical Network encompasses research sites that are among the industry’s most respected for Phase I-IV research studies. Located on major hospital campuses, we enter into strategic agreements with hospitals that enable us to leverage outpatient and inpatient services and capabilities. Never bound, however, by the hospitals’ local Institutional Review Boards, instead we utilize Central IRB, and are pleased to provide:

  • Wide range of testing, from cholesterol, to AIC, Covid and more
  • Key equipment, such as fibroscan and complex ultrasound machines
  • Stat labs, radiology imaging, priority scheduling and others
  • On-site pharmacies with licensed pharmacists

People with Purpose

As a premier national research site organization, Alliance Clinical Network welcomes quality CROs and Sponsors who share our view of advancing medicine through groundbreaking research, diligent patient care and strong executive management. We are committed to generating reliable profitability for our partners, while monitoring rapid, efficient trials that bring life-changing drugs to market faster. Our team is eager to collaborate with you.