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Recruitment & Diversity
Without participants, there is no study. Our efficient, streamlined recruitment process results in more quality applicants, recruited in less time, so we can move swiftly to FPI. We then focus on retention to keep your study population robust through completion. It’s why we are consistently a study’s top global enroller, often exceeding our enrollment commitments. 
consented participants
Our carefully curated participant database underpins rapid enrollment
Continuous outreach and education engage participants
We start with referrals from an extensive network of physician specialists, then bolster recruitment through active advertising, social media, and community outreach and education.
Dynamic recruitment and prescreening jumpstart enrollment
We prescreen 700+ participants per month, first over the phone, then onsite, gathering signed consent forms and study-specific data.
Streamlined enrollment speeds study start
We invest in collecting valuable demographic and medical data to enrich our database, ensuring that participants are study-ready, minimizing screen fails, and enabling us to swiftly pinpoint and enroll appropriate participants for your trial.
In one RSV vaccine study, we randomized 1,506 patients at a single site location within 2 months making Alliance Clinical the #3 enroller globally.
Tailored support boosts retention
Ongoing complimentary
healthcare services
Our standard prescreening includes a comprehensive metabolic panel; testing for cholesterol, A1C, influenza, flu, COVID; and fibroscan. Together these help identify and recruit the right participants for each trial. Ongoing services ensure that our database is current and relevant, while also keeping participants engaged.
Proactive engagement and
facilitation of participation
To keep interest high, we continuously interact with our participants. We also provide tangible support, from free transportation to automated stipend payment processing (which enforces ICF compliance).
We work directly with caregivers as well as participants,
fostering deep connections through critical—and often
much needed—support.
Intentional design produces diverse participant—and staff—population
There are many vital reasons to include diverse populations in your clinical trial. Your trial data will be more meaningful; after all, without diverse representation, it is impossible to know if your therapy is effective across populations—or to uncover potential adverse reactions. Further, it is something the FDA is actively seeking. But it is not always easy to deliver. In fact, while Caucasians represent 58% of the US population, they historically represent 79% of participants across clinical trials.
Alliance Clinical is determined to change those odds. We deliberately located our sites in racially diverse metropolitan areas. We develop specific media targeting and channel strategies to recruit African American and Hispanic/Latino participants, as well as other diverse audiences. We also actively engage in community outreach initiatives with churches and community centers to broaden our local recruitment. The result: 85% of our participants are people of color.
ACN’s Patient Breakdown by Race
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